Special Services

Butch Fandango Cassidy Brock
Athena Jane Doe John Doe Eugene Samson
Cyrus Angel Bunny

Butch Fandango

  • AKA: Guy Easy
  • Age: 30
  • Gender: Trans Male (he/him)
  • Species: Simian/Harpy (diana monkey/red eared guenon x crow)
  • Height: 5'10" / 178cm
  • Orientation: Bisexual

About: A laid-back party animal with a laissez-faire attitude that hides his deep-set insecurities. A spy with a minor celebrity status, which has a tendency to interfere with his work. Often provides a distraction for his arguably more competent partner Butch O’Hare.

Personality: You think you have him pegged. He's a sleazy, easy playboy who fucks his way to success and doesn't have a care in the world beyond his next fix and his next lay. Right? Wrong. Well, you're mostly right but there's still more to him. He's a caring individual who plays everything off as a joke. He's riding a lifetime wave of disappointing the people he cares about, never quite having what it takes where it counts. So he does what he can and gets high to forget the rest. He's a bit short-sighted and myopic, but flourishes under proper attention.

  • Incest: Him and his mom Cass are absolutely my top ship. In canon they are deeply, unconditionally in love and everything works out beautifully for them.
  • Underage: Fandango will fuck teens, he don't give a fuck. Don't ask don't tell amirite?
  • Drugs: He will take any kind of drug.
  • Dubcon (aggressor): He's pushy, plus he might drug and daterape someone.
  • Somno (victim): He's easy prey when he ODs and passes out. Butch has taken advantage a few times.

Cassidy Brock

  • AKA: Bellamy Samson
  • Age: 60
  • Gender: Trans Woman / She/Her Gay
  • Species: Simian/Vampire (chimpanzee)
  • Height: 8'2" / 249cm
  • Orientation: Prefers men

About: Depending on where in her personal timeline you catch her, she’s anywhere from an emotionally constipated, power hungry gang leader, to a loving mother and family woman and (possibly) reputable business woman. Take your pick!

Personality: Cass will do anything to get what seh wants, and what she wants is revenge! Against the woman who wronged her and stole her child, against her father and his abusive cohorts, against the world. She projects an air of cold, calculating confidence, and above all Masculinity. Having had the girlishness beaten out of her at a young age, the name of the game is repression. She has a soft side buried deep deep deep down, its going to take a miracle (or a son) to reach it. She's a drama queen, very over blown and reactive. A personality as big as her chest. Most of the story her pronouns are he/him, I generally use she/her cuz we live in the eternal present. Other characters will use he/him in canon.

  • Vore: Pred
  • Bloodplay: Being a vampire gets messy
  • Snuff: More likely to be aggressor but can be victim
  • Incest: Duh
  • Underage: As the underage one. Would likely only be interested in children in her family.

Commander Athena

  • AKA: Blanche Smith
  • Age: 55
  • Gender: Female (she/her)
  • Species: Harpy/Siren (bald eagle x vulture)
  • Height: 7'6" / 229cm
  • Orientation: Lesbian

About: Enigmatic leader of global peacekeeping organization ISPY, the safety of the world rests heavily on the commander's shoulders. Proud, capable, and cunning, she's not often wrong, and when she is she's loathe to admit it. The endgame antagonist of our tale.

Personality: She has a fun and sardonic side that's been deeply repressed by her dedication to the job. She was the individual who spearheaded the formation of ISPY, it's up to her to see it through, isn't it...? She has systematically destroyed all of her personal relationships, even her own son is a constant disappointment, but at least she and her agents have stopped countless supervillains from wreaking havoc on the world.

  • Noncon: Giving Cassidy the business or perhaps getting a little what for herself.
  • Abuse of power: She has a whole organization at her disposal, and is outside of any government jurisdiction. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, they say.
  • Incest: Dubiously incestuous with Fandango in canon, but the possibility is there for the sake of horny.
  • Fluff: Bonding with Fandango, or making up with Cass.
  • Bondage: Falconry hood, anyone?

Jane Doe

  • Age: 25
  • Gender: Cis Female (she/her)
  • Species: Jackalope (jackrabbit x bushbuck)
  • Height: 4'10" / 147cm
  • Orientation: Bisexual Gay

About: Raised to be a spy and dutifully fulfilling her role. It was better than the alternative (wife and mother). A quiet girl next door type with a secret spark. She's an animal waiting to be let out of her cage.

Personality: Jane is a woman of many sides. She's sweet to those she loves, yet ruthless to her enemies. She acts aloof while caring deeply about those around her. She pretends Butch's womanizing doesn't get to her, but she's actually jealous. A girl of much potential.

  • Noncon: Can be the agressor or victim. Opportunities for sexual peril because of job.
  • Incest: With twin brother John.
  • Gore: Aggressor or victim.
  • Bondage: Ropes, chains, whatever. She makes a great (unwilling) pet.
  • Gunplay: Dom
  • Aged down: I want to see baby bunny.

John Doe

  • Age: 25
  • Gender: Cis Male (he/him)
  • Species: Jackalope (jackrabbit x bushbuck)
  • Height: 4'10" / 147cm
  • Orientation: Bisexual Gay

About: Assassin and ne'er do well. Has a cavalier and devil may care attitude. The only thing that matters to him is his sister, and he'll do anything to protect her.

Personality: He has several sides. There's the sweet, whimsical boy who never really grew up. Then there's the cold, sadistic adult who grew to take his place. Basically, he's very good at compartmentalization. Keeping his feelings at arm's length until it all comes crashing together. Professionally very competent, but he's insecure and jealous when it comes to relationships. He has difficulty expressing his emotions, so he often acts out violently.

  • Noncon: He can be the agressor or victim, he has the range! Often gets in sexual peril because of his job, or may use sexual assault as a form of interrogation.
  • Cross-dressing: He has an avant-garde sense of style and wears whatever is required for the mission :)
  • Incest: With (future) step-son Fandango or any of his children.
  • Gore: Butch is a violent guy, not only because of the job. He can also wind up in (noncanon) violent peril or death.
  • Bondage: Ropes, chains, whatever. He makes a great (unwilling) pet.
  • Gunplay
  • Aged down: He was in a relationship with Fandango as a kid/teen.
  • (Extreme) Underage: More likely to have sex with his own kids than someone else's, but anything's possible.

Eugene Samson

  • Age: Old
  • Gender: Cis Male (he/him)
  • Species: Simian (hamadryas baboon)
  • Height: 6'2" / 188cm
  • Orientation: Straight?

About: Cass's father. He's a politician so he knows how to put up a friendly facade, but ultimately he's selfish and only cares for his own ends. Raised his son in a particular vein of masculinity.

Personality: He sucks basically but he's not on-screen enough to flesh out. He can be whatever you want him to be. Cass maybe gets revenge on him but maybe avoids him because it's too difficult to confront her past. He's mortal so he's probably dead in present time.

  • Incest/Underage: Eugene with Cass. Non-canon abuse is epic.
  • Sexual/Physical Abuse: Spanking Cass, pimping her out, just whatever.
  • Hard Dom


  • Age: varies
  • Gender: Cis Male (he/him)
  • Species: Vampire (macaque x baboon)
  • Height: 7' / 213cm
  • Orientation: anything that moves

About: First born, son of Fandango and Cass.

Personality: A huge brat and a creep, he grows up to be a spoiled manchild. After he gets a little maturity he learns to appreciate the people who love him instead of taking them for granted.

  • Incest: Fuck mon, fuck dad, fuck sisters, fuck grandma. He has no boundaries except perhaps personal taste (and he has very little of that).
  • Noncon: Giving or receiving.
  • Vore: He's a vampire so drinking blood is a given, but he's not above swallowing someone whole! A skinny little guy might have difficulty with such a big tum tho *wink wink*.
  • Distress/Bad Ends: Go ahead and fuck this boy up. He can't take it, and that's what makes if fun.
  • Comfort: Fluff with dad (Fandango) or anybody tbh is appreciated.
  • (Extreme) Underage: You can do anything to want to this baby, at any age.


  • Age: varies
  • Gender: Cis Female (she/her)
  • Species: Wolpertinger
  • Height: average
  • Orientation: ???

About: (non-canon?) Second born to Butch and Fandango, set of twins. The golden child, can do no wrong.

Personality: Seems ditzy but kind, has a secret sadistic side. Loves to be the good girl but can also be bad. Somehow gets away with everything because she knows how to act innocent.

  • Femdom: She can be the one in charge, whether it's soft or sadistic.
  • Kink: Description
  • Kink: Description


  • Age: varies
  • Gender: Cis Female (she/her)
  • Species: Wolpertinger
  • Height: average
  • Orientation: Daddy <3

About: (non-canon?) Second born to Butch and Fandango, set of twins. Loves Daddy Butch, dreams of having his baby. Jealous of the attention that seems to come so easily to Angel. Sibling rivalry with Cyrus.

Personality: Seems to be cool and punk, but she has a sensitive, insecure center.

  • Kink: Description
  • Kink: Description
  • Kink: Description